Step 2 - Using the AD Cloud | Knowledge tree

Digital technologies and drone operations

Learn how cloud, AI and IOT can enhance your commercial drone business

In Step 2 of Flight to the Future, learn about the digital technologies that are transforming commercial drone operations. From cloud computing and LTE communications to artificial intelligence and edge computing, digital technologies are converging to deliver a 21st century Internet of Things. Discover how to harness these technologies to plan missions, manage assets and performance, and more.

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Cloud computing and hybrid clouds

Introduction to cloud computing

–   What is cloud computing?

–   Benefits of cloud computing

–   Software as a service

Drone-specialized clouds

–  A modular approach for specialized clouds

–  Building an OpenStack cloud for drones

IoT, AI and edge

Powerful digital technologies

–   What is the Internet of Things

–   Drones, AI and edge computing

–   AD cognitive agent: Spartacus

UAV operations

Planning and execution

–   The Command and Control module

–   Setting up a new drone mission

–   Conducting missions in a complex airspace

Operations management

–   Asset management for your drone operations

–   The path forward: Digital twins

–   Performance management with the cloud