Launching your drone business

Build your drone business plan and learn how we partner with you to tackle the administrative and financial details that will set you up for success.

What’s covered in Step 4

Drone business strategy
Every new business requires a plan. Drawing on your interests, preferences and innate skills, you'll learn how to set a strategy for your commercial drone business.
Administrative requirements
Understand the critical one-time and periodic tasks to address as a drone business owner — including administrative best practices that will help you achieve your desired results.
Asset selection and procurement
Choose from multiple configurations to land on the right cloud-connected drone, sensor package and maintenance options for your drone business plan based on your target industry and application.
Insurance and financial
As a commercial drone services provider, you need a reliable insurance plan. AD offers drone insurance, maintenance plans and full-service financing options to help ensure maximum ROI on your investment.

Knowledge tree

So you are an accomplished commercial drone operation with a solid understanding of all the crucial components. Now, become business savvy.


Drone Bussiness

Getting to know your drone business

Welcome to Step 4 in Flight to the Future. You are now ready to start and operate your commercial drone business.

Learn about the best business practices and AD services for business, insurance and marketing. Select your drone equipment plan and get ready to start your real-world missions.

Here we will present the ways in which you can make money with your commercial drone, by putting it to work for pay and generate a revenue stream for your business.

You will also be able to obtain expert mentoring and essential small business support to start and run your own drone services business efficiently and effectively.

It is important that you, as a UAV operator, know how to create and deliver value with your drone, by identifying and understanding your target customers and developing deep insights into specialty needs.

Above all, it is key that you seek to build solid business relationships with customers who are willing to pay for drone services.

Where should you begin? To get started, it is vital that you have the appropriate legal and administrative assistance for your UAV business.

You will work with expert mentors to develop the initial financial models required to seek growth capital and leverage their experience to set up budgets and manage accounting.

Receive support from experts to seek, obtain, apply and optimize funds within your UAV business models.

Work with experienced mentors to seek non-dilutive grants and contracts that will enable the successful launch of your drone services business.

Mission assets

We will look into specific requirements for successful UAV missions, from procurement options to decisions that enable growth.

Your business will receive access to proven and certified vendors and is automatically qualified via an AD line of credit, so that orders may be placed to launch operations.

Drone equipment

It is essential that you get to know your AD Spartacus Hurricane drone and what its exact capabilities are.

We will present the unique mission capabilities of this model, with a specific focus on the capabilities required for your specific business to meet customer needs.

From websites and omnichannel campaigns, including social media, to particular trade media that may help you reach your target audience, you will learn how to differentiate your services, generate traction, monitor metrics and convert leads into paying customers.

Full-service marketing and communications services are available through AD’s in-house agency.

Keys to your success

Congratulations! You have graduated from Flight to the Future!

You are now a commercial drone business with a promising and exciting future. Begin your drone operations with the power of AD cloud. You now also have free membership to ADoD, Aquiline’s Drone on Demand service.