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College level educational courses on cloud connected drones and related technologies, with exposure to proprietary knowledge.

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Industry leading drone education and training

Flight to the Future is AD’s drone training and educational platform, serving a range of audiences with high quality educational courses in topics related to commercial drones and associated technologies.

The educational content is delivered via an immersive, interactive digital experience on a web browser, available on-demand anywhere in the US.

Three ways to get started

1 Off the shelf program

Easily integrate AD’s college program into the institution’s online curriculum.

Students sign up with the institution and gain access to the course on AD’s online portal. API integration available for a seamless experience.

2 Co-branded experience

A custom portal with dual branding, as a partnership between AD and the insititution.

Some modules are custom produced and the course archtecture is tailored to the institution’s requirements.

3 Customized program

A unique collection of accredited courses, specially designed in partnership with the institution.

The aim of the customization is to produce a closer synergy with existing programs in science and engineering.


A Person with a Drone
101 Introduction to commercial drones

Drone basics and FAA Part 107 exam

14 modules | 1 semester

102 Cloud connected industry solutions

Industry specialization using the cloud

14 modules | 1 semester

200 Special topics in science and engineering

The physics behind drones

14 modules | 1 semester


201 Artificial intelligence

Machine learning and AI for drones

14 modules | 1 semester


202 The Internet of Things

Comprehensive introduction to

14 modules | 1 semester

301 Drone videography

Video capture using connected drones

14 modules | 1 semester

302 Using drones for surveying and mapping

Introduction to drone surveying

14 modules | 1 semester

303 Security and public safety with drones

Security missions and management

14 modules | 1 semester

304 Drones in asset inspection

Overview of drone applications

14 modules | 1 semester

305 Drones for flora and fauna

Drones in smart farming and conservation

14 modules | 1 semester

401 Energy and utilities

Advanced industry solutions

14 modules | 1 semester

402 Agriculture

Smart farming solutions

14 modules | 1 semester

403 Oil and gas

Advanced industry solutions

14 modules | 1 semester

404 Nuclear power

Advanced industry solutions

14 modules | 1 semester

405 Smart cities

Building a smarter planet

14 modules | 1 semester

501 Public safety

Smart firefighting solutions

14 modules | 1 semester