4.8 Communications

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Delving into marketing and communications we can better understand how you may seek UAV jobs.

From establishing multi media campaigns, including social media, to particular trade media that may help you reach your target audience. You will learn how to differentiate your services, generate traction, monitor metrics and convert leads into paying customers.

Every Flight to the Future lesson has seven segments that take you through a Mind Expanding Journey.

– Introduction
– Presentation
– Concept
– In-depth
– Recap
– Required reading
– Assessment

4.8 Communications
4.8.1 Introduction

4.8.1. Introduction

Conveying the message

Communication is essential to the success of any business and the process of transferring information from one person to another within and outside the business environment.

A company derives many benefits in creating an effective communications plan, including increased productivity and efficiency in employees, subcontractors and stakeholders.

It ensures timely information exchange internally and externally to increase sales, form solid business alliances, and partnerships.

Marketing is a total system of business activities designed using the 4P’s of marketing known as plan, price, place and promote want-satisfying products to target markets, to achieve organizational objectives.

As a member of Aquiline Drone’s exciting ecosystem, product, price and place are fairly determined, but the fourth P of Marketing – promotion – is a wide-open sky.

4.8.1 Introduction
4.8.2 Presentation

4.8.2 Presentation

Best practices for communication

In this segment, you’ll learn about effective internal and external communication strategies when operating your drone business.

There are many ways in which you can foster and achieve successful communication skills among employees, subcontractors, customers and the general public.

Using a combination of both internal and external channels, produces the greatest benefits which include increasing customers, enhancing partnerships, boosting employee morale and elevating profit levels.

As you’ll see in the segment, creating and following a strategic communications plan will provide a blueprint for success in managing and marketing your new drone company.

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4.8.2 Presentation
4.8.3 Concept

4.8.3 Concept

Marketing 101

In a world where brand relationships and customer service are more valued than ever, it’s important to know how you can create an effective external communication strategy that captures the attention of the public, speaks to your audience and facilitates smooth exchanges between different people, organizations or entities.

As you’ll see in the segment, creating an active marketing plan built on the foundational elements of promotion is half the battle in creating company success. We will discuss, define and demystify the basic tenets of marketing, as they pertain to your commercial drone company.

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4.8.4 In-depth

4.8.4 In-depth

AD marketing services

Content marketing and SEO

Websites play a pivotal role for businesses since they serve as a hub for marketing activities related to building a brand, while elevating awareness about products and services.

By adding a comment section and contact page, you can ensure two-way communication, which leads to customer loyalty.

A new age technique to reach your marketing peak

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel digital marketing strategy that reaches a target audience in real-time, repeatedly and at the right moment, be it on their smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices via websites, email, text messaging, social media and apps.

Mobile marketing tactics include mobile ads, mobile coupons, geo-fencing and push notifications.

4.8.4 In depth
4.8.5 Recap

4.8.5 Recap

Lesson summary

Marketing is a continuous and constantly changing system

Marketing is a total system of business activities that plan, price, place and promote want-satisfying products and services to target markets – often referred to as the “4 P’s” of marketing.

A drone business needs to find the right blend of promotional tools, techniques and timing, while monitoring results and making adjustments to produce a lucrative promotional effort.

Direct mail is a low-cost, high-volume tactic

Direct mail is a cost-effective way of reaching larger numbers of a target market. An average direct mail campaign response rate is one to three percent.

Popular direct mail campaigns include telephone marketing, snail mail, email, catalogs, newsletters and brochures, often with a free premium offering to entice the prospect to act.

4.8.5 Recap
4.8.6 Require reading

4.8.6 Required reading

Lesson library


– Inc. Magazine: 14 Best Practices for More Effective Communications
– Udemy Blog: The Importance of Communication in Business
– Smarp Blog: 12 Reasons Why Internal & External Communications Go Hand-in-Hand
– DroneLife: 5 Tips to Marketing Your Drone Business
– SkyWatchAI: 10 Starting Tips for Marketing Your Drone Business
– Drone Enthusiast: Drone Advertising Tips

For advanced readers

– Marketing IS Business: The Wisdom of Peter Drucker - Marketing Insider Group

4.8.7 Assessment

4.8.7 Assessment

Lesson quiz

How can you obtain information that provides an avenue for improvement?

– Requesting and getting feedback.

Ten multiple choice questions. An 80% score is needed to advance to the next lesson.