Step 3 - Mastering a solution | Knowledge tree

Maximize the drone business opportunity

Understand the potential of drones by industry

In Step 3 of Flight to the Future, you'll learn how to gain a competitive edge as you explore the industry applications that afford the greatest opportunity for your commercial drone business. Then, experience drone operation hands-on with our flight simulator. Check out the knowledge tree below for details.

Opportunities and best practices

Commercial drone solutions

–   Overview of commercial use cases

–   Selecting the right use case

Competitive edge

–   Market demand for commercial UAV solutions

–   Maintaining your competitive edge

Industry applications


–   Applications and advantages of drone videography

–   Specialized AD Cloud module for video

Surveying and mapping

–  Surveying applications drones are really good at

–  Handling big data in AD Cloud


–   Full coverage with increasing autonomy

–   Using AD Cloud for situational awareness

Asset inspection

–   Advantages of using drones for asset inspection

–   Monitor asset health and improve ROI

Flora and fauna

–   Monitoring flora and fauna with a range of sensors

–   Improving agriculture with AD Cloud

Flight simulator

Hands-on drone flight simulator

–   Simulator: Videography

–   Simulator: Surveying

–   Simulator: Perimeter security

–   Simulator: Telecom, EU, Wind

–   Simulator: Livestock and crops