Drone ecosystem

Experience the drone business lifecycle, end to end

A powerful framework for starting a successful drone business

The AD UAV ecosystem

–   Drone education

–   Operations management

–   Pilot experience

–   Connected drone

–   Aquiline Drone-on-Demand

Drone pilot training | F2F

The most important component of the drone ecosystem is the labor force. As the drone industry skyrockets, so does the need for highly skilled operators. Flight to the Future equips you to become a safe and competent drone service provider (DSP).

Drone operations management | C2

Large scale UAV deployments require a fully integrated environment. Our dedicated Command and Control (C2) module, with plug and play capabilities, provides the ideal operations management setting for large-scale deployments.

Fully integrated with FAA data, C2 delivers an FAA compliant dashboard for planning and executing missions. LAANC capability for automatic FAA authorizations is also coming soon.

Pilot experience and UAV mission planning | C2 Pilot

Engage in autonomous, FAA-compliant UAV mission planning seamlessly with C2 Pilot — the drone controller and companion tablet that delivers the experience for pilots in command (PICs) using AD cloud connected drones.

Available as an Android or iOS app, C2 Pilot offers advanced flight control features and connects with both the drone and the C2 platform.

Cloud-connected drones

Flight to the Future participants will get access to the Spartacus Hurricane, a versatile commercial drone with cloud connectivity. With a powerful camera payload, the drone is capable of conducting passive missions across industries. AD drones are manufactured in the USA and feature industry leading sensor payloads. A line of cloud connected drones is available for high-end UAS solution providers.

Aquiline Drone-on-Demand

Aquiline’s Drone on Demand service, or ADoD, is an UBER-like app which allows drone operators to access drone job opportunities in any location throughout the US.

ADoD works in tandem with the C2 framework, ensuring that all drone missions are set up properly and safely, and with FAA compliance.